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Barka da isowa rumfar maƙeri

Some of the ICT projects we executed for our clients include:

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Fariah Model School, Bauchi CBT JAMB centre:- We provide wired network of three halls to be used for computer based test by JAMB, about 250 computers are network and control by a server for exams delivery. Project executed under JAMB supervision.

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Babayo Garba Gamawa Internet Facility Room, Gamawa:- We provide wired network of room and provide VSAT internet connection to a public ICT room sponsored by Senator Babayo Garba Gamawa for his people usage. The room is to provide internet access for research purpose for students and people of Bauchi-North Senatorial ward. Project executed under ICT consultants' supervision.

Garu Microfinance Bank Network, Bauchi:- We provide wired network of that can connect all the computer terminals in Garu Microfinance Bank's headquarter in Bauchi town. WLAN network is implemented in the bank to ease banking activities by the staff of the bank and easy posting of transactions in and out of the bank. Project executed under ICT consultants' supervision.

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We can perform maintenance or install software on your PC without you coming to our office, rather using internet connection, we can take over control of your PC and do maintenance for you.
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