Selling Your Fairly Used ICT Equipments !

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Selling of Fairly Used ICT Equipments (Tokumbo)

Our department used to sell fairly used ICT equipments like desktop computers and laptop at different grades. These grades are assigned after technical assessment conducted on the material, and they are:
GRADE A:- equipment that was not used for above three years and have no any major defect on its components and operation.
GRADE B:- equipment that was used for more than three years but not above ten years and minor defects are found on it which will need replacement of such components to function very well.
GRADE C:- equipment that was used for more than ten years and is having major defect on its components or components are now obsolete and require upgrade.
Fairly used ICT equipments are sold without any guarantee or warranty and is the responsibility of buyer to come with technician who shall independently check equipment's defect and make recommendation to the buyer. All equipments are valued at the depreciated price and sold at that price. This process is usually done at our office, however, the department is looking for ways to make online provision for buyers to buy such product. Video clips will show all defects on the equipment and result of test conducted on it, for buyer to watch it online and decide whether to buy or not. After buying, equipment will be shipped to buyer. Fill the form above to receive latest information on this in our newsletter.
We will open room for any Nigerian or anyone residing within Nigeria, to bring any fairly used ICT equipment to us for grading, pricing and selling to our cusmoters. Online forms will soon be made available for contacting us, so that we arrange how equipments can be shipped to our office for testing, grading, pricing and selling. We charge certain percentage when equipment is sold for administartive purposes.

Ba da jimawa ba, cikin ikon Allah, zamu fara sai da tsofin kayayyaki ta wannan shafi kaman yadda muke yi a ofishinmu yanzu haka. Sai a cike fom da ke sama don jin halin da ake ciki a kai-akai. In haka ya samu, ka iya turo kayayyakin ka a sayar maka bisa sharuɗu ingantattu.


We can perform maintenance or install software on your PC without you coming to our office, rather using internet connection, we can take over control of your PC and do maintenance for you.
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