Services of Engineering Department !

Barka da isowa rumfar maƙeri

We can touch you positively in any of these Services

  • System & Handset Maintenance,
  • System Assembly,
  • Software Installation & Configuration,
  • Handsets Assembly,
  • Manufacturing of Computer parts & Accessories
  • Sale of Computer & Accessories,
  • Networking & VSAT,
  • Hardware Consultancy & Support,
  • Vendor's Services,
  • Sales of Fairly Used Computers.

za'a iya samun biyan buƙata a wannan fage don kuwa a shirye muke don gudanar da waɗannan ayyuka:

  • Gyaran na'ura mai ƙwaƙwalwa da wayar salula,
  • Harhaɗa na'ura mai ƙwaƙwalwa,
  • Shigar da kurwa cikin na'ura mai ƙwalƙwalwa,
  • Harhaɗa wayar salula,
  • Ƙera na'ura mai ƙwaƙwalwa da abubawan da suka jibince ta,
  • Sayar da na'ura mai ƙwaƙwalwa da sauran abubuwanta,
  • Shirya ƙawancen na'ura mai ƙwaƙwalwa da samar da internet ta hanyar VSAT,
  • TuntuƂa ta musamman da bada tallafin fasaha akan sassan na'ura mai ƙwaƙwalwa,
  • Harkar dillanci da dillalan mu,
  • Sayar da na'uranka ta hannun mu.

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We can perform maintenance or install software on your PC without you coming to our office, rather using internet connection, we can take over control of your PC and do maintenance for you.
You can buy hardware products including laptops, printers and networking gadjets online from our retail shop.