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You can buy any ICT Hardware from our web shop online

Our ICT Hardware shop is having stocks for your purchase, either you come directly and place purchase at our shop or just place your order online. Our stocks are categorised as follows:

1. Computers/ iPAD/ Handsets category:- Here we sell desktop, laptop, notebook, iPAD and GSM Handsets. All branded from different manufacturers like Dell, Acer, HP, Nokia, Samsung etc.

2. Printers/ Scanners/ plotters:- We sell laserjet and deskjet printers, all-in-one, scanners, biometric scanners for fingerprint and iris, and plotters for your demand.

3. Accessories:- We sell different types of computer accessories and parts ranging from flash drive, mouse, keyboard, monitors, mother board, hard disk drives, RAM stick, DVD both internal and external, USB cables, power cables and host of others.

4. Networking devices:- in this category we sells networking cables both unshielded and shielded ones, fibre optics and copper type, faceplates, faceplate modules, RJ-45 connectors, LAN testers, crimping tool, switches, all CISCO equipments, routers, hubs and repeaters and host of others.

Our online payment methods are:

1. Wire transfer:- payment are done directly into our bank account, our account details will be provided in the shopping cart section.

2. Online payment:- Customers can pay using their visa/master debit card on our secured payment gateway.

3. Paypal:- Customers can pay using their paypal account to our paypal account as may be provided by our secured payment gateway.

Customers are to note that the following charges should be added when doing online payment, so that their payments will not be short:

1. Paypal payment attracts 2.8% (This can be reviewed by paypal) and that should be added on top of bill.

2. Payment using VISA/Master debit card may attract a total of 5% on top of bill to cover charges by master card/Visa and our gateway provider.

3. Delivery charge to customers destination should equally be added on bill.

Our delivery method are categories into two:

1. Risk-free:- which include UPS, Courier, DHL and other refutable delivery agents with total risk cover during delivery. Their charge are high, but reliable.

2. Risk-prone:- which we used transport companies to deliver goods to customers. Their charges are low but they do not take responsibility of risk and freight during delivery.

Customers are to choose which type of delivery agents they want for their order.

You can fill the form above to be notify whenever new stocks arrive at our hardware shop.

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We can perform maintenance or install software on your PC without you coming to our office, rather using internet connection, we can take over control of your PC and do maintenance for you.
You can buy hardware products including laptops, printers and networking gadjets online from our retail shop.