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Remote Maintenance

We take possession of your computer through internet connection and conduct preventive maintenance that can keep your computer in good condition for long. During this process, we scan the system for viruses and malware, defragent the hard disk drive, update drivers, remove junk files, boost booting time and overall system speed, fix minor faults on the system, fix registry errors, and host of other maintenance. Then if the customer wants we may install any required software for the customer, and in this case the name of the software must be specified. If there is no software needed to be installed, simply leave the textbox for software to be installed empty, DO NOT type anything in it.

A sum of Two Thousand Naira is required for the preventive maintenance which the process last for an hour, during this hour the system should be left on and online, the screen will naturally go black. When we are done, the screen will come back to life. For every software to be installed, customer must pay for the license in addition to the first payment. Our payment method is using either:

1. Paypal where all payment are done in dollars, or

2. Vogue pay where payment are done in Naira.

Make sure you add 2.8 - 3% charge by gateway providers on top of the bill. You must have a valid e-mail address for this transaction to succeed.


We can perform maintenance or install software on your PC without you coming to our office, rather using internet connection, we can take over control of your PC and do maintenance for you.
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