This site is meant for submission of classified ads(adverts). All types of products and services can be submitted by different companies and business men (merchants). Customers and buyers can get any type of product or service on this site. Site is powered by Gwani Software

Classified Ads

Classified Ads are submitted FREE for the first 15 days. Thereafter Ads are charged:

  • NGN 150 (US$ 15) per day,
  • NGN 4,000 (US$ 400) per 30 days
  • NGN 40,000 (US$ 4,000) per 365 days.
Expired Ads are automatically removed until payment is done.

Limit of liability

Products and services advertise in this site may not necessarily be that of Gwani Software, and because an advert is placed here does not mean Gwani Software endorses it. Ads are placed as they are, where customer or buuyer finds problem on any, should notify us in time, so as to take the right decision.

Merchant Registration

Merchants must first register and obtain login details before they can post Ads on this site, registration is simple and take less than three minutes to complete. To register, fill the form below:

Merchant Registration (SignUp)
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Merchants can place Ads using their username and password. Ads stay for 15 days FREE thereafter we charge:

  • NGN 150 (US$ 1.5) per day.
  • NGN 4,000 (US$ 40) per month.
  • NGN 400,000 (US$ 4,000)per year.
Our payment method are online link send to merchants' e-mail address whenever Ads period is about to expire and Wired Transfer. Details of our Wired Transfer is shown below:
Within Nigeria (Using Naira)
Bank United Bank for Africa(UBA) Nig. Plc
Account Name Gwani Software
Account Number 1007531652
Outside Nigeria (Using Dollar)
Intermediary Bank Name CitiBank New York, USA
Swift Code CITIUS 33
Routing Number 021000089
Account Number 3632032
Receiving Bank Name United Bank for Africa(UBA) Nig. Plc
Beneficiary Account Name Gwani Software
Beneficiary Account Number 1007531652
Sort Code 033030306

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