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Introducing our biometric solutions
Our biometrics solution is having any of the following features for storing and retrieving records from database:

  • Face Recognition:-  Faces of record owners are captured using web cam and pattern match is created and stored with other fields(information) of the record owner as may be desired. Whenever search or retrieval of record is needed face of candidate is captured again using web cam and matching pattern search from the database is then initiated by the system, once found the remaining fields are retrieved instantly. This technology is integrated into most database nowadays, yours cannot be an exemption. It is scientifically proven that each person has a unique face pattern and that can be used as a very important search key for retrieval of records from database. Put some inputs in your budget and promote your database to include Face Recognition system, just fill the form below and our marketer will contact you.
  • Fingerprint Recognition:- like face, fingerprints of records owners are scanned using fingerprint scanner, stored and retrieved at any point in time for any purpose. Our software uses 50% pattern matching technique on fingerprints. This percentage ensures accuracy and reliability of searching for record. It is also proven that the patterns found on fingerprints of individuals are globally unique, this places fingerprint biometrics software at a very high advantage of storage of individual's data and fast and most reliable method of search and record retrieval. Fingerprint has been in used in the nation's examination giants like WAEC and NECO, JAMB has also followed the list. Your coompany can also have this latest and imporatnt aspect of database at your disposal by just filling the form below and one of our staff will contact you to pave the way of having our fingerprint biometrics solution.
  • Iris Recognition:- Here it is the Iris(eye) that is scanned, stored and used for retrieval of records purposes.  Iris pattern is formed from the scanned imagery. This pattern is used for search & retrieval of record.
  • Iris patterns provides the best matching clues than any other biometrics patterns and is therefore the best of the three available methods which are currently in use. Integrating this to your company's database is a right step toward the right direction. Just plan your budget in order to have this. Do not hesitate to fill the form below so that we show you how to get this into your computing.

Once, a customer pay for any of these solutions, we conduct system analysis for the customer and customized our biometrics to go in line with the demands of our customer.
Our license policy on biometrics solution are two:

  • Single System/ Stand alone license:- Biometrics solution that will run on only one system be it server or stand alone. Cost of this license is Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira(NGN 450, 000) and the cost does include purchase of any hardware device needed like a high quality reader(scanner) like fingerprint scanners, web cams and Iris scanner. Also included in the license is purchase of single user license Antivirus software covering one year period. Finally the license fee also covers purchase of Biometric SDK license for the computer system and license copy of single user windows operating system. In short once you pay this license all we may need is you show us the computer system you want us to install our solution and that is all.
  • Multiple System:- Here when there are more than one system to use the biometrics solution. The cost of this license is per any additional system excluding the first, which is treated as stand alone license; and license fee is Two Hundred and Eighty Thousand Naira (NGN280, 000). Cost also include the cost of web cam, fingerprint scanner, or Iris scanner, license antivirus and license single user windows operating system. However networking of the systems and configuration of server is EXEMPTED from the license.

All the two license include training of one staff on how best to use the biometrics solutions.
XYZ company is having three systems that wants to run our biometrics solution using fingerprint recognition. The bill for such company will be:

  • Single License             First system X NGN450, 000 = N450, 000
  • Multiple License           2 Systems X NGN280, 000 = N560,000
  • Total                      NGN1, 010, 000

Other charges
The above license charge is applicable to customers within Bauchi state. Customers outside Bauchi State will be charged accommodation and transportation of our staff to their respective locations.
White branding banner on the biometrics solution attracts One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (NGN150, 000) per system. Our tariffs can be downloaded at our website
If you are interested let us know your specification and we then generate an invoice for you with our payment details and terms. For invoice or payment details call 2348057414268 or e-mail

Note  that all readers to be purchased in our projects are estimate high-tech equipments that will not fail our clients, and not the cheap ones polluting hardware markets.
Customizing of the stand alone license for our customer takes maximum of 48 days to finish(the project), while for multiple license it takes 25 days per system.
Our biometrics solution carries a warranty of six months. This implies that all consultation by our client within this period is FREE and will not attract any charge. Technical support like re-installation, re-activating of license, backup and restore in the event of system crashing is FREE within this period.
However, when system is stolen, or damaged beyond repair it goes with the license on it and this incident is NOT part of the warranty. This is because our biometrics license is installed on a system and cannot be transferred to another system.
A guarantee of free of defects and good working condition is given over our biometrics solution.
Our biometrics solution is currently in used by Bauchi State government under BACYWORD for recruiting unemployed youths for skills acquisition training.
Our biometrics solution works on Windows platform only.
Compatible Hardware
Our biometrics solution supports wide range of fingerprint scanner, Iris scanner and web cam.
License Policy
Our license policy is on a system (Using its MAC Address) and if it crashes transfer of our license to another system or same system that is formatted or restore to factory setting attracts a charge of Fifty-Five Thousand (N55, 000) and other charges as circumstances may so warrant.


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One of our fingerprint biometrics solution in use by Bauchi State Government for enrolling unemployed youth for skills acquisition training (YOU-GUDA)

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