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This software is designed to assist you harness your emotions and win the love of your dear one. It guarantees maximum pleasure in your marital happiness. You cannot afford not having this software on your laptop. Just fill the form below and place order and it will be e-mailed to you.

Doctor Love has the following functions to give you a hedge-free marital life:


This analysed your physiology and body system and find out whether the body is ready for sex or not. Most times couples start sex when their body is not ready for or not welcoming it and the result is an unpleasant sex and in most cases the body will not derived any benefit from the sex on the contrary it may even be harmed. Time for you and your wife to use this metre to ensure your bodies will derived maximum benefit from sex and to do it at the right time when the body actually needs it. Do not allow yourself to be told, place order now.


Doctor takes you and your wife through non-penetrative sex. How to use your bodies to achieve maximum pleasure in rubbing each other and foreplay without penetration. Errorgenous zones will be discovered through this technique. Errorgenous zones are parts of the body that are emotional sensitive when touch by an opposite sex. This technique will be explored to also take off stress on the body and bring sound sleep. Just buy the software and you will see what we are saying.


Doctor shows you different posture you may adopt to have sex with your wife or husband. Each posture have its type of pleasure and excitement. With the knowledge about these postures, you will not worry about big protruding belly of your wife when she is pregnant. You can have sex at your garden without anyone seeing you, you can have it in your garage, kitchen, bathroom etc. There is always a posture for any particular place and time. You do not have time for exercise, doctor will show you how you can make sex to be an alternative to exercise. You may want to throw away weight, doctor will show you how to that with sex.


Doctor attempt to clarify Frequently Asked Questions regarding Love and Sex. This is an eye opener to you and your wife. You do not need to go an embarrss yourself asking someone, just ask doctor and you will be given detail.


Doctor gives you comprehensive list of women that you are not allowed to marry base on Islamic Laws.


Doctor takes you through on the benefits your body used to derived from professional sex as said by experts. You need to know these and your wife too. Buy this software, now.


Doctor can scan your heart or heart of your beloved ones by asking you some questions and will instantly tell you the size of love in that heart. It can tell you whether the love is fake or genuine, you do not need an oracle to know that, doctor has specialised in scanning hearts, just use to know how much he or she actually loves you. This is important particularly when you are marching to wedlock.


Doctor will find out you have already fallen in love or not, whether that feeling coming your way is love or otherwise. Protect your privacy now, get doctor in your laptop now it will not cost you much.


Find out about the type of orgasm you used to achieve with your husband or wife, is it the best? Or there is still room for improvement. This a road map to how you will acheive the best orgasm with your spouse. Warning to you, make sure there is no somebody close to your bed room, so that he will not hear your moaning and cry as you may not know when your moaning will become LOUD.



Quickly fill the form below and remember for the first 2 weeks, you can have your money back if you did not enjoy having Doctor on your laptop.

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