State IMS®!

State IMS®!

In an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus through conventional files transfer from ministries and government agency to state house and physical presence for the Governor to approve proporsals, our company came up with an e-goverment software known as State IMS $reg;.

The State IMS(Intranet Mail System) project was modelled from Bauchi state government of Nigeria manual process. Data was modelled out of its transaction to suit governments of states in Nigeria and other African countries.The whole project is to put African state governments to a path of e-government where some governmental functions can be done on cloud. The software operates online on a dedicated government domain to be registered to the state and runs over SSL connection for security with cloudflare DDOS and DOS attack prevention scheme.

All requests and proporsals are routed from Ministries and government agencies through chain protocols and Governor's lieutenants that will minute and forward such until it reaches the Governor who makes final decision on the requests or proporsals. Physical contacts with files and documents, or physical communications with persons are totally not needed. At any point of transition of requests and proporsals and if needed can be printed into hard copy form. Major functions available on State IMS® e-government software platform are

  1. Management of State staff contact records,
  2. Management of all government Memos, Circulars, Memos and Notice between government house and ministries and government parastatals.
  3. Management of Private chat between state government staff.
  4. Management of video conferencing for governmental briefing and meeting.
  5. Sending request, proporsal and application t the Governor from ministries and government agencies.
  6. Management of Files transfer from ministries and government agencies to the governor.
  7. Receiving Governor's repl to request, proporsal and application from ministries and government agencies.
  8. Archiving and storing of government documents.
  9. Dissemination of circulars, memos, newsletter, bulletin, notice and information from the Governor to ministries and government agencies.
  10. Management of link to sms portal.
  11. Management of private chat between the Governor and his/her staff.
  12. Management of government information.
  13. Management of backups, and host of other services available on this platform.


Don't forget to fill the form below to invite us for assessment visit in preparation for your government to have its portal. FOUR YEARS LISCENSE FEES IS NGN1,200,000 OR USD 12,000 (Renewed after four years period. However, transportation, accomodation and feeding of our staff during start-up visit is not inclusive in the license fee, it is to be shoulder by the state goverment. Likewise hardware equipments cost like printer, computer system and internet connectivity are also NOT inclusive in the license fee.

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Give us a chance to put your state into e-government using our State IMS ® make a difference in how you operate your government, so as to safeguard the health of our dear African nations as spreading of COVID-19 virus in government transactions. Our contacts are:
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