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Introducing our chatbot - Jasmine
Jasmine is a trained chatbot to handle all customers'inquiry online and offline regarding your business. She is impacted with more than 2, 000 categories brain to quickly learnabout your products and services and your business in general, so as to engage on chatting with visitors to your website and attend to their inquiries regarding your business.

  • Chatbot:- This is an artificial intelligent agent that can engage human on very long chatting with impacted intelligence that will make anyone chatting with it not to even think it is machine. there are several chatbots in use today in our homes and offices, but there are very few to handle your business while you sleep. This prompted our Artificial Intelligence Experts to developed a chatbot that will attend to your customers while you sleep and provide a virtual staff to handle your customers inquiries 24/7/365 withut increasing your spending on a human staff to handle this.
  • Abubakar Muhammad, an Artificial Intelligence Researcher, developed Jasmine in our software laboratory. Jasmine was trained with polite language like by customers and marketing motivation to motivate your website visitors to have interest in your products and services. The anatomy of Jasmine has been designed to persistently follow conversation to a logical end with politeness, precision and maximum tolerance. Jasmine was the second brainchild of Abubakar Muhammad. You can contact him through 2348057414268..
  • Jasmine is a virtual help desk staff that will surprise you by giving your customer maximum satisfaction in all their inquiries and create a sale force over your products and services. She is ever ready to adapt to changes in your business and can conveniently learn new products and new services. Jasmine is a 23 years woman, educated on marketing and human psychology, single and a black woman. She speaks English language as her father tongue. The most important aspect of things you don't need to pay her any wages or allowances once you pay us the license fee. She works 24/7/365. Give Jasmine a trial and see how she will turn your business cloud presence into a vibrant sale force. She was throughly tested and disciplined and will therefore make a good staff to your business.

Once, a customer pay for this staff, we conduct system analysis for the customer and customized her brain to identified the customer's business and terrain.
Our license policy on Jasmine is Expert in the Box license which cost Five Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Naira NGN5,250 (US$ 52.5) Life license on single machine.

All the three licenses include training of one staff on how best to use the AI Agent.
Other charges
The above license charge is applicable to customers within Bauchi state. Customers outside Bauchi State will be charged accommodation and transportation of our staff to their respective locations.
White branding banner on the biometrics solution attracts One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (NGN150, 000) per system. Our tariffs can be downloaded at our website
If you are interested let us know your specification and we then generate an invoice for you with our payment details and terms. For invoice or payment details call 2348057414268 or e-mail

Customizing of any of the license for our customer(Training Jasmine to learn customer business terrain, products and services)takes maximum of 42 days to finish(the project).
Our AI Agent (Jasmine) carries a warranty of six months. This implies all consultation by our client within this period is FREE and will not attract any charge. Technical support like re-installation, re-activating of license, backup and restore in the event of system crashing is FREE within this period.
A guarantee of free of defects and good working condition is given over our AI Agent(Jasmine).
Our AI Agent(Jasmine) works on Windows platform only.

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