Medical Intranet®!

Medical Intranet®!

In an effort to improve health delivery in our communities, Gwani Software came up with the Medical Intranet® project to employ the use of an intranet on private network of hospital or clinic or on our web hosting server; to provide an intranet services to a hospital or clinic. This intranet has been tested on a hospital having more than sixteen distinct departments with staff population in thousand.

The medical intranet projects local hospitals or clinic to cloud computing with maximum control on the shortcomings arising from cloud computing.

Major functions available on Medical Intranet® are

  1. Management of staff contact records,
  2. Management of medical researches and making them available to other staff for contribution. One research can be made available to the entire staff in the hospital, clinic.
  3. Management of Private chat between staff.
  4. Management of video conferencing for medical dialogue and meeting.
  5. Management of VoIP calls.
  6. Management of Files transfer from one department to another.
  7. Management of departmental information.
  8. Management of staff ranks and portfolio.
  9. Management of electronic patient record in the hospital or clinic.
  10. Management of link to sms portal.
  11. Management of private chat between staff and staff, patient and doctors, and department and department.
  12. Management of hospital or clinic information.
  13. Management of backups, and host of other services available on this intranet.


Don't forget to fill the form below to invite us for assessment visit in preparation for your institution to have its portal. COMPLETE FEES RANGE BETWEEN N450,000 TO N850,000.

Give us a chance to make a difference in how your hospital or clinic render its medical services, so as to safeguard the health of our dear nation, our contacts are:
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Kamfanin mu ta shirya Jakkar Magori na musamman don asibotocin mu don gudanarwar su a kan intanet a matakin na farko na samar musu da hanyar aiki a bisa intanet, wannan jakka tsararre ne kuma ajiyayye a kan intanet. Duk asibitin da ke son wannan sai ta nemu ma kai tsaye.

Mun gode ƙwarai.

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