SchoolPort® Project For Humanity!

In an effort to improve the delivery of education in our higher institutions of learning here in Nigeria, Gwani Software came up with the schoolport® project to employ the use of portal in these institutions in order to provide an online management of students registration record, parent and PTA effective communication, use of e-library, use of campus chat for research purposes, effective way of dessiniminating information to students, facts about sub-institutions available in school, fresh students registration, admission information, courses information and host of other services. This moves these instituions to cloud computing which provides reliable and best way of conducting services. Any higher institution of learning can be a beneficiary of this project wherever it is and however small its size is.

Gwani Software is proud to contribute its quota to education of our youths so that the nation will have a better tomorrow. If you have an institution that needs a portal as explained above, then don't hesitate to contact us and do know that your institution need not pay us a penny for schoolport® is FREE to humanity.

Major functions available on SchoolPort® are

  1. Management of Registration of Returning Student Each Semester,
  2. Management of admission list
  3. Management of Fresh student registration
  4. Management of registration of courses for the semester,
  5. Management of semester results,
  6. Management of Parent/Guardian account and their involvement in the training of their ward,
  7. Management final year students clearance,
  8. Management of e-mails that are sent as assignment without the need of an e-mail account by students,
  9. Management of links to digital libraries that will assist the student,
  10. Management of departmental information,
  11. Management of information for the student,
  12. Management of means of communication between parent/guardian and their wards,
  13. Management of campus chat, and host of other services available on this portal.

Don't forget SchoolPort® is FREE! Your school need not pay a Kobo to have it, just fill the form below to invite us for assessment visit in preparation for your institution to have its portal.

Screenshot of one of the portal.

Give us a chance to make a difference in how your school run, so as to build the future of our dear nation, our contacts are:
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