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Digital Library training department in collaboration with Software department is currently designing a digital library of ICT courses which you can install in your pc. This page is dedicated to:

  1. Create an account for all the library users where users (Readers) can receive technical support on the digital library software.
  2. Open a forum for anyone that may wish to donate a copy of any e-book to the library.
  3. Grant readers the ability to renew their update license,
  4. Accept update request from users, and
  5. Inform users on how best to use the library.
Registration fee for readers service
S/n Title Price (N) Renewal
1. Cost of installation DVD 3, 000 One time
2. Update License 2, 000 Renew Annually.

As soon as the digital library of ICT is out we will keep you informed. Fill this form to be notified about this product as soon as it is out:

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Thank you.

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