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Temporary Career in ICT training department of our company hereby announces that temporary ICT positions are available for SIWES students from Universities, colleges of education, and Polytechnics that wishes to improve their ICT experiences in our company. Interested SIWES students should fill the form below and wait for an e-mail on whether they are accepted or not. If they are accepted, an acceptance letter will be attached to the mail, they are expected to print it and come to any of our offices for signing and stamping. SIWES student are to note that acceptance is strictly based on merit and is an automatic process not involving any of our staff and therefore should not lobby any of staff to get it. Preferrable SIWES students are those engaging for a year period.
NYSC members that wish to apply for a place in our company will have to wait until in the near future because right now the company's policy has temporarily suspended acceptance of NYSC members as part of its staff. However, this policy may be reviewed in the near future.
SIWES students should know that they will be required to enroll for a free mandatory class as soon as they report for duty.

A trainee on a practical session

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Barka da isowa tsangaya.

ɗaukan 'yan SIWES Wannan tsangaya na shirin ɗaukan 'yan makaranta da suke shirin fitowa SIWES. 'yan makaranta da ke buƙatan hakan sai su cike fom da ke biye, su jira har sai an turo musu saƙon e-mail na amincewa ko akasin hakan. In an amince za'a turo musu da takardan amincewa sai su buga ta su kuma zo da ita ofishinmu don sa hannu da buga hatimi. Masu yi ma ƙasa hidima ba za su iya cika fom da ke biye ba, don kuwa kamfanin mu ta dakatar da ɗaukan 'yan yi ma ƙasa hidima daga yanzu zuwa wani lokaci nan gaba.
'Yan makaranta sai su sani amincewanmu bisa cancanta ne kawai kuma naúra ce yi mana ba wani ma'aikacin mu ba, don haka ba buƙatan zuwa kamun kafa wajen wani ma'aikacinmu sai dai a dakata kawai a jira. 'yan makaranta da zasu yi shekara sune muka fi so.

ɗalibai na nazari cikin aji
Section of some of our trainees exchanging pleasantries

Apply for Temporary SIWES Position in our company

Name in full Institution Category (Diploma/HND/Degree) Course Matric. Number Date of Birth Current CGPA Town of residence Accommodation if not residing in Bauchi Distance of your accommodation or house from any of our offices. If distance above 2 KM, how do you intend to be coming to office Our working days includes Saturday, can you come to work that day? Some of our operations may include field works, will you participate in it ? Any Health problem you may want us to know about ? Why do you choose Gwani Software for your IT? Write any of 1 – 5, where 1=Totally confident 2=confident 3=Weak 4=Not confident 5=Totally not confident; about yourself:
  Team work
  Web Design
  Instructing class
  Obedience to constituted authority
  Relating with Public
If you are rejected, do you have another place you will be accepted? If yes, cite Phone Marital status Department you may wish to be internally posted Reason for choosing the department Tell us why do you think we should accept you What contribution do you intend to make to our company during your engagement Have you read and understand our mission statement, vision statement and core values ? If yes, do you agree to be part and abide by it ? Do you have a nursing baby ? If Yes, how do you intend to take care of it during your IT Are you aware we do not pay IT students any monetary allowance during IT period in our company ? If Yes, do you still agree to apply for placement for your SIWES engagement with us on No allowance basis? What do you want to achieve after your IT period e-mail (is a condition of acceptance, so make sure is working) Which date you wish to start your IT, if you are accepted ? Which date your IT will terminate, if you are accepted ? What motivated you to come to our company for IT ? Do you intend to terminate your IT at any point in time before the due time expires ? If Yes,Why If you are accepted, you will have one work-free day in a week, choose that day (Sunday, Friday, others) Referee Name Referee Phone Referee e-mail (He must reply us before you will be accepted) Guarantor Name Guarantor Phone Guarantor e-mail(He must reply us before you will be accepted)

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